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Everyday Heros Podcast

by John White |

Bert Botta

Bert Botta is an ex TWA/NetJets captain who is starting a fascinating podcast called the "Everyday Heros" podcast.

Bert contacted me via email and here is what he said:

"Hi John I'm asking for your support in launching my Everyday Heroes podcast series.

My podcasts are more than random stories; they are messages of hope, education, entertainment, connection, and community for listeners, especially for those of us in the aviation community.

I have already interviewed some of you and have turned those interviews into podcasts. I will be asking more of you to do the same as the podcast series grows.

Thank you for being an integral part of my aviation life. Also please subscribe to my Everyday Heroes podcast series by clicking the Subscribe button below."

Everyday Heros Podcast

I encourage everyone who loves aviation to subscribe above to Bert's podcast, and to visit his website at:

 Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

JetAviator7 at

John M. White d/b/a JetAviator7

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