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Who Are Your Favorite Flying Celebrities?

by John M. White |

Harrison Ford Flying His HelicopterFor me flying celebrities were more than just interesting, they drew me into aviation and fueled my desire to be a pilot. I became an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) and spen my entire career involved in aviation. Aviation has brought nothing but good things into my life, including my beautiful wife who is also a pilot. When I was a young man my favorite television shows (in black and white, of course!) were Sky King and the Arthur Godfrey Show. Robert Cummings was also a pilot and sometimes featured his flying skills in a tv show. Watching these shows sparked my interest in flying, and while in the U.S. Air Force I got my private pilots license at a flying club on one of the bases I was assigned to.

Flying Celebrities

There are a lot of flying celebrities, but perhaps the most famous ones are Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, John Tavolta and Arthur Godfrey (for those of you old enough to remember him!). Recently Harrison Ford made news when the aircraft he was flying lost power and he crashed short of the runway on a golf course. Harrison Ford has more than just a passing interest in flying, he is quite passionate about flying and is very involved in promoting both safety and learning to fly.

A Video Featuring Harrison Ford

Clint Eastwood

While his flying activities are not quite so well known by the general public, Clint Eastwood has enjoyed flying airplanes for many years. What follows is a short video on flying by Clint Eastwood:

Arthur Godfrey

I still remember Arthur Godfrey and his Douglas DC-3, on of my favorite airplanes to fly. His DC-3 was a gift from Eddie Rickenbacker who presented Arthur Godfrey a retiring Eastern Airlines DC-3 fitted with DC-4 engines. Godfrey used the airplane to commute between his home in Leesburg, VA to the studios in New York City. In January of 1954 Godfrey buzzed the Teterboro control tower in his DC-3 for which he recieved a six month suspension of his pilot's license. He later recorded a satirical song about the incident titled "Teterboro Tower".

John Travolta

John Travolta owns a number of aircraft, including a Boeing 707, which he flys. Quantas Airways used him to promote the Australian Airline, and has continued that relationship to this day. Here is a short video with John Travolta:

So Who Are Your Favorite Flying Celebrities?

Be sure and leave you choice in the Comments Section below. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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