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General Aviation User Fees

by John M. White |  | 2 comments

Apparently someone has to pay for President Obama to fly in that government Boeing 747, and he needs to reduce the budget deficit so he is coming after all of us "fat cats". Oh, you didn't know that you are a "fat cat"? Well, you own or rent airplanes and fly around the skies in the United States using all of those government provided services for free, right? And, if you fly in Europe you pay to use navigational aids, etc - so why should we be any different here? Still not sure President Obama wants the United States to turn into a European style democracy? Think again! A recent AOPA article title "White House: 'Why we need aviation user fees'" we discover that despite petitions to the contrary, and the opposition of Congress, President Obama and his crew have decided we should pay general aviation user fees. General Aviation User FeeSo, for the measly general aviation user fee of 100 bucks you to can aviate the friendly skies of the United States; that is 100 bucks per flight! Think this White House is a bit arrogant? Check this response to general aviation user fee protests:
After almost 9,000 people urged the president to take damaging aviation user fees off the table, the administration on Jan. 13 offered its response: No way.
More interesting than that is this excerpt from the same article detailing how the White House calculates its approach to general aviation user fees:
In the response, Hyde said the administration wanted to make sure that those who benefit from the airspace system share the costs equitably. “For example, under current law, a large commercial aircraft flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco pays between twenty-one and thirty-three times the fuel taxes paid by a corporate jet flying the same route and using the same FAA air traffic services,” according to the response. Really? Paying the 21.9-cents-per-gallon tax on noncommercial jet fuel, operators of a Gulfstream IV business jet would pay about $87 in fuel taxes. The commercial jet fuel tax is 4.4 cents per gallon; even with a much higher fuel burn, operators of an Airbus A320 would pay about $68 in fuel taxes. AOPA maintains that GA is willing to pay its fair share into the system—but payment shouldn’t be based on faulty calculations.
Let's get real here folks! Government is big enough already, and more importantly has a spending problem - NOT a revenue problem! Let's cut out the crap and get government out of our lives. Do you fly a corporate jet for a living, or use your own aircraft for business? Better take notice of this effort and lend your support to killing this crazy idea on general aviation user fees! What do you think? Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter "All Things Aviation" here!

Comments (2)

  • Don Thompson on June 24, 2019

    Ron Paul and the National Review among other right wing publications support a total user fee financed ATC. The President proposes a $100 fee on a limited segment of the aviation community, dare I say 1% and the name calling erupts. AOPA supports an increase in fuel tax for all of aviation in lieu of the $100. Instead of the biz jets paying another $100, they have all the low wage pilots cover the bill. Sounds like another Republican project to have the 99% work against their self interest again. You can work in your own interests, the upper crust works at it continuously. They just make the sheep feel bad for doing the same thing. I bet if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire, this fee proposal will go away.

  • JetAviator7 on June 24, 2019

    In my humble opinion the problem here is two fold: with the huge debt the government has run up both parties are looking for ways to finance ongoing operations and avoid the tough choices in reducing spending – not just reducing the rate of increase in spending. Second, the Republican led House Committee on aviation is resisting this tax as well.

    Because President Obama’s agenda is to move the country to more expensive green energy sources the cost of fossil fuels are being driven ever higher. The other day Secretary Chu was in Canada talking to the Canadians about their shale oil project and told the Canadians that they were going to “ruin the world’s environment” with that project!

    The stupidity in our government is unbelievable and there seems to be no way to stop it. This idea of the 99% is bogus – if government would get out of the way of business with all of its regulations and attempts to manage the economy perhaps the shrinking middle class would not shrink any more.

    Take a look at the General Motors bailout – 70% of GMs operations are now overseas, mostly in China! No one wants the Chevy Volt, and 2/3rds of hybrid car owners won’t buy another one!

    Where or where has common sense gone?

    Don’t blame just the Republicans, the far right and Ron Paul – the Democrats, President Obama and the far left are just as bad!


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