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Headset Adapaters for Every Purpose

by John White |  | 2 comments

Headset Adapters

It seems as though every time we want to use our aviation headsets in a different aircraft we need different plugs.

Or we need to use our cell phone in our airplane with our headset but we don't have the right plug setup.

Perhaps we need to hook up our GoPro camera to our headset.

We get a gift: the new Flight Simulator but we need a headset to work with our PC and we can't plug our headset in. Who wants to purchase yet another headset?

No matter the problem we have the solution!

The Solution?

We have an extensive library of headset adapters for almost any need you might encounter.

 Visit our collection of headset adapters in our Headset Adapater Collection and find just what you need today!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

JetAviator7 and Aviation Headset Adapters - a great combination!

Find the aviation headset adapter you need today and have it tomorrow!

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