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How To Build A Spire On A Tall Building

by John M. White |

Sikorsky S-61 Construction HelicopterFor 30 years I owned an aviation insurance agency in Michigan and one of my former employees - Sandra L. Parks - now works for another aviation insurance agency. One of the accounts she handles is Construction Helicopters, Inc. who do very interesting work. Sandy has always been a very conscientious and courteous insurance agent, and has now expanded her knowledge to the area of construction helicopter insurance, a high risk proposition for sure!

Sandy Parks

Because much of the work they do involves interesting challenges many times there are a lot of images showing them at work. For example they installed the spire on the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago a number of years ago, and have also done work in Lexington, KY and many other locations around the world. As a result she has shared with me some videos showing how to build a spire on a tall building.


Amazing Work!

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