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The History Of Randolph® Aviators

by John White |  | 2 comments

The Founders

The story of Randolph® Engineering begins with an American dream by two Polish immigrants Jan Waskiewicz and Stanley Zaleski.

Soon after the Second World War ended Jan Waskiewicz arrived in Boston, MA from England with just $ 50, his wife and a child.

Hitler had overrun his native Poland when Waskiewicz was only 16 years old, and by the end of the war Waszkiewicz had served in the Royal Air Force as a navigator flying some 32 bombing missions.

Jan Waskiewicz

As a young boy in Poland Waszkiewicz had taken some technical courses in engineering, but they were interrupted by the onset of war when Germany invaded Poland.

He continued his courses in engineering while in England and then completed those studies at Northeastern University in Boston.

In 1972 he formed a partnership with Stanley Zaleski and started Randolph® Engineering.

Originally it was just a machine shop in which the founders designed, built and sold machinery for optical manufacturing companies.

Eye Wear Quality Problems Open A Door

The partners quickly recognized that the manufacturers to whom they were supplying tooling equipment were not manufacturing optical frames and products which met the quality standards desired by their customers.

They quickly decided to manufacture their own eye wear products, and since 1972 Randolph® Engineering has been providing world class eye wear frames and sunglasses to military personnel and pilots around the world.

Randolph Engineering, Inc. plant in Randolph, MA

The decision by Jan and Stan to manufacture their own premium performance eye wear products quickly earned them a reputation for providing superior products which were not only beautiful but durable as well.

At Randolph® Engineering all of their technologies, skills and critical thinking are dedicated to making their products the first choice for those customers who demand performance over fashion.

The two founding partners - Jan Waszkiewwicz and Stanley Zaleski - had worked together to make their American dream a reality.

Attention To Detail

Randolph® Engineering products are made using over 200 production stages, many of which are completed by hand by skilled craftsmen.

Attention to detail is so important that every item, down to the small screws, are meticulously manufactured and they even make their own solder flux to insure frame integrity.

In fact, every 50th pair of aviator sunglasses frames are twist tested to make sure they won't break, even under the worst conditions of wear and tear.

This is why they offer a lifetime warranty on the solder joints that hold these frames together.

The Randolph® Advantage

While other manufacturers use plants in far away lands, Randolph® continues to manufacture right here in the USA to insure quality.

This may result in higher costs and therefore more expensive products, but all of those pilots who received their sunglasses through the military will testify that not only are they comfortable to wear, built to last and beautiful, but they will purchase replacement parts before they will give them up!

Some of the reasons for this durability and great finishes is the use of 18% nickel silver alloy for the frames, and the use of crown mineral glass precisely ground and chemically treated to deliver optimal visual acuity and distortion free vision.

Randolph® Aviators Are Your Best Choice

Whether it's the precise eye wear needs of military pilots and personnel who place their lives on the line every day, or reliable durability and quality for outdoor enthusiasts, Randolph Engineering provides world class made in the USA serious equipment built to meet customer needs no matter what the mission or the adventure.

Those who wear Randolph® Engineering products have one thing in common - they know the difference between a world class piece of equipment and everything else.

The flagship Randolph Engineering is their Randolph Aviators, standard issue to U.S. Military pilots since 1982.

Those customers not interested in chasing fashion but who look for authentic products built to last seek out Randolph Engineering glasses every time.

With a highly skilled staff of craftsmen each pair of Randolph® Engineering glasses are created to meet the demands of customers who demand only the very best.

From the unique premium mineral glass lenses to the 18% nickle silver frames with a corrosion resistant clear coat finish and soft silicone nose pads, each pair of Randolph® Engineering glasses come with a lifetime guarantee of the solder joints on the frames.

Randolph® states "We do not compromise quality even when selecting something as trivial as a lens screw."

Check Them Out For Yourself

Be sure and navigate to our Randolph Sunglasses Collection where you can see all of the fine Randolph® sunglasses selections and find just what you need and want.

In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

The history of Randolph Engineering in Randolph, MA USA

Randolph Engineering and it's history.

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