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The Rusty Pilot

by John White |

My wife and I are both pilots and have entered that age where we are identified as "old geezers" or "over the hill".

Unfortunately, for the last few years since she sold her Piper Cub and I sold my Piper Navajo we find ourselves out of practice and have joined the "Rusty Pilots" club.

As we finally have the time to get back to flying (kids and grandkids on their own now) we find ourselves a bit apprehensive.

It's Been Far To Long!

As I picked up my last logbook earlier this week I find that my last flight was on February 4th, 2009!

Wow, where has the time gone?

So on July 20, 2020 I am finally back in the air.

A bit rusty, but flying that 1954 Cessna 170 taildragger gave me a real workout. Steep turns, slow flight, stalls and getting back in the saddle.

Don't Get Rusty

Enter the wonderful AOPA "Don't Get Rusty" series of webinars!

The first thing I did was to get some current charts, a copy of Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook - 3rd Edition, and Cockpit Automation by Casner.

With these in hand we are quickly getting back into flying and finding the joy in the freedom of flight.

The Early Days

When I learned to fly aviation was a much more simple process. No fences around the airport, you could just park your car and walk to your airplane without having to show a badge and go through a locked gate or door.

The instruments were simple and you had to use your brain to learn and figure things out.

Not many knobs to twist, no glass cockpit powered by computers that had everything all figured out for your flight.

With a map on our lap, head on a swivel and the joy of leanring navigation by using landmarks we learned North from South, East from West and up from down.

Flying instruments required quick thinking, constant scanning of our instruments and imagining in our minds the approach plate data, not a beautiful colored screen and autopilot that made the approach for us.

Ahhhh for the good old days!

Return To The Good Old Days

If it has been a long time since you exercised your pilot's license we encourage you to reengage, get back to the basics and discover the joy of flying once again.

You will still have to contend with gates and electronics, but there is still plenty to learn and enjoy.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

The Rusty Pilot

Reignite your love of flying, forget Covid and start flying again!



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