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Piper J3 Paper Airplane Model

A number of years ago I purchased a real Piper J3 Cub for my wife, who is also a pilot. She promptly took the challenge to learn how to fly a tail dragger, and has never looked back. A number of years ago I was able to help a friend of mine out who is a graphic artist get a gig to create some marketing materials and set up some billboards. While he is not a pilot, he likes airplanes, and one of the things he does is to create paper airplane models. Sometimes they are called card model airplanes. Whatever they are called, they are basically pdf files which can be printed off the computer with a color printer on slightly heavier paper, then cut out and assembled. The end result? A marvelous reproduction of my wife's Piper J3 Cub as a paper airplane model. From a distance you would be hard pressed to tell if it was a wood, plastic or metal airplane model! So, as a gift, he created this download paper model airplane for my wife and I, and we have decided to offer it for sale here in the pilot shop. It is a PDF file you download and prints as soon as you purchase it. Save the PDF file to your computer and you can make as many copies as you like for your own personal use. For the best results you should print the parts pages on Matte Brochure Paper with a weight of about 38-44lb. It is not necessary to print the instructions on that heavy of paper. If you have never built one of these models you will be surprised at the quality and strength of your paper airplane. Some of our customers have even put tiny electric motors in them and flown them, while others have simply displayed them. They make a great accent to any desk, shelf or table and your friends will be amazed at the color and detail. When you see your completed model it will look BETTER than any plastic model airplane, with more attractive colors, more detail and consistency. No more runny glue, no trying to place detail stickers in just the right place, and if you make a mistake simply reprint the part and try again. To construct this model you will need an Exacto style knife, some Elmer's white glue and a lot of patience. Each model comes with a photograph of the finished product, along with detailed instructions for assembly. And, if you run into a problem, you can reprint the parts as often as necessary or send us an email for assistance. For a mere $ 5.95 you can download your Piper J3 Paper Model right now for hours of fun and enjoyment! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 ps: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter "All Things Aviation" here!

by John M. White •