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BluLink Bluetooth Adapter For General Aviation

by John M. White |

OK, you have your iPhone or other cell phone and you would like to use it while flying. There is a solution, it is the new PilotUSA BluLink bluetooth aviation headset adapter for general aviation headsets. BluLink enables you to use your Bluetooth cell phone or any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. You can use your existing general aviation, helicopter or BOSE® panel mount aviation headset with BluLink bluetooth aviation headset adapter. No more tucking your cell phone under your headset or using cell phone adapters with various cords and additional adapters. The BluLink hands-free aviation headset cell phone adapter will work with any cell phone with Bluetooth. This innovative tool makes it easy for you to file a flight plan, check weather, call for fuel, get a clearance at an uncontrolled field or even call for a taxi - all hands free!. The BluLink bluetooth aviation headset unit could even be used for primary communication for experimental and ultralight pilots. PilotUSA BluLink Bluetooth Aviation Headset Adapater

Listen To Your iPhone, iPod or Any Other Bluetooth Capable Device With Your Current Headset!

Now you can listen to your iPod, use your iPhone or any other bluetooth capable device with your headset. The PilotUSA BluLink aviation headset adapter comes in 4 versions:
  • Blulink for General Aviation;
  • Blulink for Helicopters;
  • Blulink for the Bose Panel Mount;
  • Blulink for Military headsets.
As a fellow pilot, do you wish you could add bluetooth connectivity to your current headset rather than buying a new headset that includes blue tooth capabilities?

Well, Now You Can!

The PilotUSA BluLink aviation headset adapter isn't cheap at $ 260.00, but it is cheaper than a new headset. BluLink makes rather modest claims as to its capabilities, but it delivers completely. You simply plug your headset into the BluLink unit and then plug that unit into the aircraft's intercom. As noted above it can be ordered with cables for the traditional two-plug intercoms, or helicopter plugs, or the Lemo-powered plugs used by the Bose X headsets. The BluLink aviation headset bluetooth controller is simple with a comfortable size. Small buttons near the top control the paired phone and larger ones the iPod. Pilot USA has reached a new level of technology with the development of their BluLink wireless headset interface, and pilots across the globe will benefit.

See For Yourself How It Works:

  The PilotUSA BluLink aviation headset cell phone adapter is a sleek looking device that allows the pilot to interface any bluetooth capable device to his headset without the use of connecting wires. The system is easy to operate and performs extremely well. The BluLink unit has standard mic and jack plugs that connect to the existing aircraft panel or intercom system. The pilot’s headset plugs are then connected to the corresponding jacks on the BluLink aviation headset adapter controller. Once everything is connected simply turn on the BluLink system, hold the bluetooth button for 5 seconds, then enter the bluetooth setting on your portable device and pair it to the BluLink system. In addition to the ease of connection, the obvious benefit of the BluLink system includes minimal wire tangle and confusion in the cockpit, easy operation, high quality sound and performance.

Consider The Following Features Of This Great Unit:

  • Battery is good for 15 to 29 hours;
  • The unit uses 2 AA alkaline batteries;
  • Over 100 hours of standby time;
  • It weighs only 4.2 ounces including the batteries;
  • Bluetooth Specifications are: BT 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  Most pilots are excited about the prospect of minimizing wires in the cockpit. The Blulink bluetooth aviation headset adapter effectively reduces wire tangle and confusion even if an external device is not linked because the system allows the pilot to operate the headset without attaching the plugs directly to the panel or intercom. If a device is linked, the pilot gains the added benefit of operating a cell phone or listening to music through the headset. The BluLink controller is sleek and slender, fitting easily in the palm of a hand and has adequately sized buttons to allow for precise manipulation. Possibly the greatest feature of this system is the high quality of sound that is transferred to the aviation headset. Listening to music through the device is superior to many car audio systems. The BluLink bluetooth aviation headset adapter will work with any headset, intercom or audio panel, and any Bluetooth capable portable device. Pilot USA makes a version that accommodates general aviation, helicopter, and Bose panel mount plugs. The system is powered by 2 AA batteries and is reported to get up to 25 hours of operation per set of batteries.

Pilot USA Has An Obvious Winner With Their BluLink System!

Order yours today starting at only $ 260.00 With FREE S&H!
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