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Paper Model Airplanes

by John M. White |

If you do a search for "paper airplanes" on Google you will find there are about 839,000 pages on which the words "paper airplanes" appears. That's a lot of pages about paper airplanes! There is a good reason for this - paper airplanes have fascinated all of us since we were little kids. Do you remember the first time you folded a paper airplane? I'll bet it was in school when you watched a friend fold one and fly it. Next thing you knew, flying paper airplanes was cool! Well, I have news for you - flying paper airplanes is still cool! But once you have folded an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper a hundred times or more it begins to lose its interest. At least it did for me. So we wanted to find a way to continue with paper airplanes but with a bit more style. Wait, there's even more! Whitewings has a series of paper airplane gliders that take you beyond the plain white gliders with colorful models and kits with even more famous airplanes. There are the Smithsonian Series of paper airplane models, the Whitewings Trainer, the 3 model Tri-Linear flyers and even a kit of all the world famous jet aerobatic teams that perform around the world.

Paper Airplane Gliders

Smithsonian Vol 2 Paper Airplane Models Each of these kits come complete with instructions, and in the Smithsonian series there are articles included by Smithsonian researches about the history, facts and figures about each of the aircraft included in the kit. All the paper airplane gliders in this Second Smithsonian Series of Aviation Milestones are based upon their real counterparts at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Modern aviation has greatly benefited from the aeronautical contributions each plane has made. Achievements such as the ME262s jet powered engines, the Bell X-1s breaking the sound barrier and the substantial "aviation firsts" of the other planes accelerated the pace of aviation and space flight development. The following paper and balsa aircraft gliders are included in this kit:
  • Messerschmitt ME262;
  • Bell X-1;
  • Boeing 367-80;
  • North American X-15;
  • Hawker Siddeley XV-6A Kestrel;
  • Burt Rutan's "Voyager".

Rubber Band Powered Airplanes

Rather not throw or launch your model with a Rubber band? No problem, Whitewings has a series of rubber band powered airplanes just for you! Whether you are looking for Rubber Band Powered Seaplanes to takeoff and land on water, or rubber band powered models to race with, there is a kit for you. Each of these kits comes with a powerful battery powered hand winder to help you achieve maximum altitude and airspeed with your rubber band powered model airplane!

Reenact History With The Wright Brothers

Whitewings Rubber Band Powered Giant Wright Flyer modelBest of all is the Whitewings Wright Flyer model. The Whitewings Giant rubber band powered Wright Flyer model is powered with two very strong rubber bands that you wind up with a battery powered winder just before launch. Imagine the excitement of your kids as you relive the famous Kittyhawk flight of 1903 when the Wright Brothers proved that powered, manned flight was possible! Enjoy! {JetAviator7} ps: Don't wait, navigate over to The Paper Airplane Company website and order the model of your choice today!

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