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Cost Of Flying

by John M. White |  | 1 comment

Cost of Flying Many organizations, including the FAA, feel that the cost of flying is one of the greatest impediments to growth in general aviation. As a result there is a lot of effort to come up with ways to reduce those costs and encourage more people to learn to fly. Add to that some are worried that the airlines will not find enough pilots as the current crop reach retirement and leave the workforce. Would you want to learn to fly given the cost of flying today? First, let me tell you that I heard these same claims back in the mid-60s when I was learning to fly at Michigan State University. In fact, I was offered a job at United Airlines (which I turned down) and many of my friends who did take jobs with the airlines had a rather bumpy road. Some of them worked for airlines like Eastern who have gone out of business, others gave up after a couple of layoffs and found other employment. Not a pretty picture, but flying was relatively inexpensive in the mid-60s. Consider this: When Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh wanted to learn to fly their cost of flying was about $ 200. per flight hour. True, all they had to do was learn to fly solo (about 5 hours of dual) and they were good to go, but nonetheless rather expensive even by today's standards. Piper Training Aircraft Reduce The Cost Of Flying Recently the General Aviation News published a post titled "Bringing The Cost Of Flying Down". The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association) even publishes a page on how flight training works which includes a segment on the cost of flying. If you really want to become a pilot (and who wouldn't - its great fun!) discover exactly what it takes to become a Professional Pilot. In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch! Please share "Cost Of Flying" with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!             Follow Me on Pinterest Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for updates via email for "All Things Aviation" here!

Comments (1)

  • Dave on June 24, 2019

    While I do think cost is one of the major issues with general aviation, and new pilots in particular, I think it is almost more important to get kids excited about aviation at an early age. I remember when I was in elementary school in the DFW area and American Airlines came and did multiple presentations for us that really got me excited about flying and aviation in general, and that has followed me to this day.

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