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Flying Cross Country

by John M. White |

Cessna 172 SkyhawkWhen we first learn to fly we find ourselves immersed in trying to learn everything necessary to pass the written and flight tests. Once we pass those and have our license the real learning begins.

Lessons To Be Learned

We imagine for a moment we have arrived once we get our Private Pilot's license, but sometimes reality is different than what we thought. Take this experience for example which is an excerpt of an article by a new Private Pilot:
It was my first real trip as a licensed pilot, flying a Cessna 172 from Cincinnati to Toledo, Ohio to meet my fiancee (now wife) and her parents for the weekend. I was thrilled to make use of my new certificate on a “mission,” not just touch and gos. I was also excited to show my in-laws how powerful this whole flying idea could be. But after landing in Toledo, my emotions quickly went from pride to embarrassment. First, I couldn’t figure out how to put the sun shades in the airplane. As I walked into the FBO, I stumbled into another embarrassing moment. The nice lady behind the counter asked if I needed a crew car. “What’s a crew car?” I naively asked. “Am I crew?” Studies have shown that the process of planning and anticipating a trip can often be as enjoyable as the actual event. That study obviously didn’t include pilots, because nothing beats the flight, but the point is still valid. Don’t rush the planning phase. Take the time to learn all the variables, consider the options and make a thoughtful decision. You’ll have more fun before and during the trip, and you’ll learn just how rewarding it is to fly yourself somewhere. by John Zimmerman September 13, 2013 in "The Art Of Cross Country Travel By Light Plane".

Never Assume Anything

Over time new pilots will figure everything out, but don't imagine you know it all as soon as your get your Private Pilot Certificate. New things will continue to come up, that's why as instructors we always told our new Private Pilots that the Private Pilot Certificate was just a license to learn.

Learn To Fly Video

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