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Flying For A Profit - What Does It Take To Fly For A Living

by John M. White |

The following is a guest post by Jason Schappert of For some, flying is more than just pursuing a childhood dream or passion. For them, it’s a career or a way of living. These pilots take it unto themselves to earn money from what they have originally started as a passion. What does it take in order to start earning money from becoming an aviator? Here are some pointers you might want to take.


Ratings are very important if you want to pursue a career in aviation. The ratings requirements for all career paths are more or less the same. For a CFI, they need to have an instrument rating, and commercially rated for either single-engine airplanes or multi-engine birds. On the other hand, a commercial pilot is required to have both ratings* and, in addition, ratings that correspond to the type of aircraft that they intend to fly**.


Because of the responsibilities that you are facing, you would need to show the company or the people that you’re planning to do business with that you can be relied upon. The only way to show is to have enough experience in what you are choosing to embark on as a career. Obviously, you need to log a lot of flight hours as a private pilot. These two careers can become parallel because, in becoming a CFI, you would need to have experience as well as a commercial pilot. *You can get a commercial certificate without an instrument however are limited to flights not beyond 50nm and no night flying for hire **Referring to type ratings that are required to aircraft over 12,500lbs Want to learn more about your options as a pilot? Visit Jason's website at

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