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Pilot Sunglasses

by John White |

When it comes to sunglasses quality DOES matter, particularly for pilots.

Recently the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) updated their Safety Brochure titled “Sunglasses for Pilots – Beyond the Image”.

We have created an informative Powerpoint slideshow for you so that you can learn more about sunglasses and what a quality pair of sunglasses should be.

Beyond The Image

Here is the FAA's recommendations when it comes to pilot sunglasses:


The Key Takeaways

After viewing this slide show you should think about choosing pilot sunglasses that:
  • Protect a pilot's most important sensory asset;
  • Have the right sunglass lens material;
  • Protect against ultraviolet radiation;
  • Reduce glare improving "see-and-avoid" capabilities;
  • Have comfortable frames;
  • Use current technology.

Our Recommendation

You can find an excellent choice in pilot sunglasses at "Randolph Engineering".

In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

All About Pilot Sunglasses 

What A Pilot Needs To Know About Sunglasses



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