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Now Private Jets Return To Our General Motors

by John M. White |  | 2 comments

Yes, its true! The government, aided by the media, shamed General Motors into closing the oldest corporate flight department and sell off its aircraft, putting a black-eye on any company using aircraft for business. Corporate Jets For GM Execs Return

Enter Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam - you and I - then loaned General Motors billions of dollars, then demanded it go bankrupt with the Obama administration demanding the bankruptcy court screw the GM bond holders, and demanded an end to the "extravagance" of corporate jet aircraft. So, every time I go to the Detroit Metro Airport I look at the empty corporate offices and hangar GM had on the East side of the entrance to the airport, empty and looking forlorn. What a sad state of affairs not only for GM, but for corporate aviation in the US.

President Obama Approves Chartering Of Biz Jets For GM

Now that the government has the majority of shares in GM and wants to sell stock in the company, suddenly it becomes a great idea to use corporate jets again. Apparently the Obama team has discovered how useful corporate jets are, and in an attempt to raise capital for GM and sell off the governments interest in the company, GM executives can once again use corporate jets! All of this while everyone is questioning the costs President Obama is incurring with his trip to Mumbai in India. Some reports place the costs between $ 200M and $2B, and the 24/7 news cycle just keeps talking about the costs while all of us drown in government debt.

Are Corporate Jets "Evil"?

Business aircraft - corporate jets in other words - have been a part of the business world since the early 1930s, and have proven themselves to be a great productivity tool for growing businesses, helping to grow businesses and create jobs for American workers. Have you taken a trip on the airlines lately? A 2.5 hour flight from Detroit to Orlando has now become an all-day event, courtesy of Al Quida and the TSA. If it is for pleasure, or to visit Aunt Jane, no big deal, right? But if you are on a business trip to increase sales and grow your business, it is a nightmare, piling cost upon cost.

Media Attacks GM For Use Of Corporate Jets

Once again the media is attacking GM for using corporate jets, driving the stake further into the heart of business aviation and shaming companies into hiding their aircraft ownership and use, and depressing sales of corporate aircraft even further. The truth is corporate aircraft are a business tool which helps business to grow, and by growing create more jobs, and by creating more jobs helping the economy grow.

What's so hard to understand about that?

Write or email your favorite 24/7 news outlet, local news station, congressman or anyone else you can think of and urge them to put some balance into their reporting and help business aviation and stop bashing it! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 ps: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter "All Things Aviation" here!

Comments (2)

  • admin on June 24, 2019


    Thanks for your comments. I have no doubt the trip to India didn’t cost that much, and of course President Obama needs to attend these events and try to promote business for us.

    However, don’t label everyone (including myself) when you know nothing about my personal political views. The truth is that, as a former corporate pilot and very interested in business aviation, I get sick of the duplicity of bureaucrats bashing business use of business aircraft and then flying them on the government dole.

    As the chief pilot for a corporation for 7 years I can tell you that our aircraft were used for business… period. They were a tool – in fact a very effective tool – and government should not micro manage American businesses and tell them how to run their own business. Regulate, sure. Micro manage, no!

    As for debt, since President Obama took office he has spent more money than the total spent by all Presidents who preceeded him. I don’t care who is to blame, I just want this reckless spending and political correctness to end!

    John a/k/a JetAviator7

  • Aaron on June 24, 2019

    You need to check your anti-Obama tone. I know it’s a habit with republicans to blame everything on liberals/democrats/Obama/socialists/communists (which are all distinct terms in the real world, but to shallow-thinking republican, they are synonymous). But guess what? Bailing out large companies was started by Bush, and as distasteful as it is, it is sound economic policy. And guess what else? It is working. The government (us) is on track to make a profit on this deal. Add to that a great American company is staying in business, and this was a clear win. And yet, republicans still find a way to whine about it, by bemoaning the fact that using jet’s is now OK, when it wasn’t before. You forget that the opposition to jet use by GM execs was vocally supported by republicans at the time (McHenry from NC, and Roskam – IL, among others). Many in the media and us common folk were outraged (I wasn’t one of them). But, the Obama administration did what a good representative government should do, and made the sale of the jets part of the deal. That’s another point in their favor. And as much as you try to spin this as some kind of flip-flop by Obama, nothing could be further from the truth. The financial and political landscape was different then, than it is now. So, our actions must be different now. This is a difficult concept for republicans to grasp, I know. But it’s true. Also note that GM is only chartering jets, not buying them. So this is entirely different. Compare the costs of buying a fleet of limousines compared to renting a town car for two hours. Get it? You failed to mention this crucial and enormous difference in your post.

    In typical republican argument style, I see you’ve threaded a completely unrelated topic (Obama’s trip to India) into this. I can correct your thinking on that too, but let’s just be clear that it doesn’t belong on the same page as a post about biz jet use. Let’s examine your sentence “Some reports place the costs between $ 200M and $2B, and the 24/7 news cycle just keeps talking about the costs while all of us drown in government debt.”

    Some reports: Your readers don’t care about some reports. They care about the actual, real facts, which you certainly do not have.

    $200M – $2B: Let’s pretend the cost really is two billion, which will certainly prove to be an exaggeration. But let’s just pretend, because that’s what republicans like to do. The economic result of this trip will be approximately $14.9 billion ( coming in to the U.S. economy. So the trip actually nets around $12.9 billion. There is no cost at all, in fact, there is a huge profit.

    Drown in government debt: Dubya started putting the government into debt to finance unsubstantiated wars beginning in 2002. I didn’t hear much complaining from republicans then. A complex series of events, many of which involve republican policies, led to the recession. If, as a republican, you are educated in matters of finance, you know that it’s a basic truth that government spending will pull us out of recession. It’ works on paper, it works in reality (Roosevelt), it will work now. I hope you read up on the similarities between Hoover (Republican) exacerbating an economic downturn through republican policies, and Roosevelt (Democrat) pulling the country out of it through sound principles. The same thing has happened here because Dubya failed history class. So please don’t insinuate that Obama caused this. He’s fixing it. Though from the look of the political landscape, you’ll likely get your wish and things will go to hell again. Hopefully he’s done enough that the momentum will carry into the next republican administration, and hopefully that person won’t screw it up too much.

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