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Environmentalists Attack General Aviation

by John M. White |  | 1 comment

Environmental Protection Agency Studies Effects Of Leaded AvgasEven while General Aviation is in the doldrums environmentalists attack general aviation over leaded avgas, something sure to further reduce the amount of flying we are allowed to do. An environmental group called Friends of the Earth have sued the Environmental Protection Agency in order to force them to rule that general aviation lead emissions endanger the public health and suggest that the EPA issue emission standards under the Clean Air Act. As if there were not enough problems for general aviation to overcome including the high cost of aviation fuel and the lack of an adequate source of alternate fuels when 100LL is taken off the market.

Friends Of The Earth

On their website at they state their goal as: "Friends of the Earth is a bold and fearless voice for justice and the planet. We believe that all people deserve to live in a healthy environment." Lofty goals, wouldn't you agree? Considering the size of the earth to us mere mortals I find it difficult to believe that all of us puny people put together can really cause all that much harm to the earth. I don't mean to say we shouldn't be wasteful, that we shouldn't do things that demonstrably cause real damage to the earth, but there is a lot we just don't know yet. Cutaway Of A Lycoming Piston Aircraft Engine

Bravo EPA!

After engaging in a rigorous scientific inquiry the EPA has determined that there is no scientifically sound and legally defensible determination on whether or not piston aircraft engines pose a serious danger to public health. I must say that these nut cases that think somehow we can regulate the earth back to its pristine state do nothing more than add to the costs all of us must bear, and even more so when these environmentalists attack general aviation.

Are Diesel Engines The Solution?

Cessna 182 NXT Turbodiesel Powered Aircraft Cessna Aircraft Company apparently believes the using turbodiesel engines in their aircraft is a solution to both the issue of the impending elimination of 100LL Avgas and to pacify those environmentalists who are attacking general aviation for harming the public through leaded fuel. In an article in the Diesel Technology Forum dated July 26, 2012 titled "Cessna Bringing Jet A Fuel Engine to Piston Market" notes that:
"There is a reason today that diesel powers the overwhelming majority of the nation's commercial trucking, school and transit bus fleets," Schaeffer said. "Diesel's unmatched combination of availability, safety, energy efficiency and economical operation and performance has made it the technology of choice, but it is also the environmental performance and prospects for even greater energy efficiency that make it the technology of choice for the future."
Cessna says the new Cessna 182 NXT turbodiesel powered aircraft has zero lead emissions and zero co emissions, and can use Jet A fuel to power the engine. What do you think? In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch! Please share "Environmentalists Attack General Aviation" with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!             Follow Me on Pinterest Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for updates via email for "All Things Aviation" here!

Comments (1)

  • C Frey on June 24, 2019

    New Diesel Technology is certainly a way but not the way to go. It will take years, may not even several decades until Diesel Engine Technology will become affordable for the majority of Pilots. The General Aviation is representing the average people its right to have access to the skies!

    All this AVGAS discussions does not affect Millionaires and Politicans who fly around in Business Jets anway. Its affecting the average ordinary invidual who cant afford a Business jet and is happy to own a 40 year old Cessna!

    And whats what all about ! AVGAS is the key for keeping Aviation affordable and such is not in the interes of many People in the Banking Industry and the Politics.

    I think talking about AVGAS alternate shall such “Green movements” may asked why they try to refuse the right of free man to have the right to fly an aircraft in supporting with their demand the Interest of the major OIL companies and Politicans who just consider the General Aviation as useless for their interest?

    I think its time to just name the horse by its name rather then talking bullshit. The amount of AVGAS used by all GA aircraft around the world is so minimal that you even cant measure any enviormental influrence!
    And by the way, why are the politics and the major fuel mafia companies hindering the certification and utilization of Green Fuel ? – BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INTEREST!

    Such may has to be published instead of giving such Green Terror Groups even a plattform of in public

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