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General Aviation Survey

by John M. White |

Federal Aviation Administration Annual General Aviation SurveyEach year for the last 33 years the FAA has conducted a General Aviation Survey, and they want your input. This survey is your opportunity to help the FAA understand how general aviation uses its fleet of aircraft so that it can project the kinds of infrastructure improvements and areas it should focus upon. If you care at all about general aviation then I would urge you to take a few minutes and complete this general aviation survey. This is your best opportunity to let the FAA know how you feel about general aviation, and to influence how they allocate their budget and its impact on general aviation operations. Here are the details:
The FAA's General Aviation Survey Is Underway The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting the 34th annual General Aviation (GA) and Part 135 Activity Survey for calendar year 2011. The 2011 Survey is being conducted by a new survey team, led by Science Applications International, Inc. (SAIC) supported by Safety Net Solutions (SNS) and EIS. This annual survey is the FAA’s only source of information on the general aviation fleet. The data collected will include the number of hours flown and the ways people use general aviation aircraft. The FAA gathers data from this survey to help determine funding for infrastructure and service needs, assess the impact of regulatory changes, and measure aviation safety. The GA Survey data also allows the FAA to track the success of its safety initiatives, identify areas for improvement, focus its resources, and better serve the GA community. Since late August, the survey team has been sending out invitations to a sampling of aircraft owners asking them to complete the survey. They are able to take the survey on-line using their N number to log in to the survey website or by requesting that a survey form and postage-paid envelope be sent to them. The cutoff date for submitting survey responses is November 30, 2012. Owners who are selected are urged to take the survey even if they did not fly their aircraft in 2011 for whatever reason. Even if they have sold it or are awaiting repairs to a damaged aircraft, this survey provides valuable information. Finally, the FAA stresses that to maintain the integrity of the survey data, it is critical owners complete the survey using 2011 data, not current 2012 information. The information provided will be used only for statistical purposes and will not be published or released in any form that would reveal specific information reported by an individually identifiable respondent. For any questions, please contact the survey team toll-free at 888.672.4493 or by email at For the latest survey updates, follow the FAA on Facebook and Twitter (@FAANews).
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