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Randolph Pilot Sunglasses

by John M. White |

Randolph Engineering Updates Image To A More Modern Clean LookWhen it comes to pilot sunglasses the first choice are Randolph Aviators, and after 40+ years Randolph Engineering has updated their image to reflect the change in company leadership as the younger generation takes over the business and charts a new course for the company. With public interest in the aviator style of pilot sunglasses on the upswing and the younger generation taking charge, Randolph Engineering's management felt it was time Randolph Engineering updated their image. Original RE LogoThe first step was to change the company's long-time brand logo "RE" to a more modern version including changes in the way the product is packaged. As you can see in the image of the new packaging above the new logo is the newly stylized Randolph® for a cleaner more easily recognized logo closely associated with the company name.

The New Randolph Packaging

After deciding to change the logo on all of their branding effort the next step was to change the packaging from the light gray box to a darker gray box for their pilot sunglasses and made the product box more user friendly. The new box is shorter and lighter with the equipment maintenance kit moved from its own separate box to a slick Velcro sealed pocket in the back of the new carrying case. Randolph Pilot Sunglasses Packaging

The New Randolph Soft Carrying Case

The old hard carrying case with the hinge failed often and the liner separated from the clam shell. As a result the old hard carrying case has now been replaced by a cool new soft leather carrying case. It has a great feel and look, and you can see what it looks like with the new logo here: New_Randolph_Case I made a short video showing the new Randolph pilot sunglasses packaging which you can see here:

A Great Improvement

I love the new way Randolph Engineering has packaged their pilot sunglasses, in particular the new soft leather carrying case. It is a significant improvement both in quality, looks and feel, and will help improve the already great reputation Randolph has for pilot sunglasses.

Get Your Pilot Sunglasses Here!

You can order your very own pair of Randolph pilot sunglasses on our Pilot Sunglasses page. In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch! Please share "Randolph Pilot Sunglasses" with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!             Follow Me on Pinterest Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for updates via email for "All Things Aviation" here!

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