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AO Eyewear Has A New Home In Vernon Hills, IL

by John M. White |  | 4 comments

The American Optical Company was at one time a major manufacturer of many different optical products ranging from eyeglass frames for soldiers during the World Wars to Bomb Sights during WWII and fine optical instruments like microschopes.

The company continued to grow but, like so many other large companies, it soon became obvious to stockholders that the company was worth more in pieces than as a whole.

So, the company was broken up and the part we are interested in - the sunglasses - was sold to Alan McKinley who renamed the company AO Eyewear, Inc.

Recently Alan sold the company which has moved to Vernon Hills, IL. The transition has been painful, to say the least. Prior to the move you could order a pair of AOs and they would ship within 24 hours; today, some models are still not shipping. It is anticipated that it will be another 30-45 days before production and delivery return to normal.

In the meantime the new owners have decided to increase prices by $ 20/pair beginning November 1, 2019.

If you love AO sunglasses, and have been putting off purchasing a pair, now would be the time to beat the new price increase.

Be sure and visit our website at and order your pair today.


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