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Here Come The Wanna Be Pilots

by John M. White |  | 1 comment

As we all know Capt. Sullenberger was interviewed on 60 Minutes last night and it was certainly a fascinating interview.  He is the consummate professional pilot and  demonstrates the best of our aviation community. As I scan through the aviation blogs on the internet I am amazed at some of the comments that are left regarding this hero and his accomplishment.  One comment stated that "I have MS Flight Simulator and this was no big deal."  Man, he sure doesn't understand anything. Other articles talk about how Capt. Sullenberger is part of a "Dying Breed", and how newer crews have been trained not in the military but at schools like Western Michigan University and that they are computer geeks, more or less.  They seem to think that these new pilots see it most as a job, and that their interest is more about money than the thrill of aviation. I would suggest that these folks need to meet a few of these pilots - I have.  We all share a true love of flying, whether it be in a J-3 Cub or an Airbus 320 - it is all about flying! I find it fascinating that they don't bother to interview anybody, nor go and meet and fly with any of them, yet can pass judgement on them.  Fortunately pilots are more interesting than these articles written about them. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

Unseen Fire

This is a damned unnatural sort of war; The pilot sits among the clouds, quite sure About the values he is fighting for; He cannot hear beyond his veil of sound, He cannot see the people on the ground; he only knows that on the sloping map Of sea-fringed town and country people creep Like ants — and who cares if ants laugh or weep?

— R. N. Currey

Comments (1)

  • Ron Amundson on June 24, 2019

    There are those who get into aviation for money, and view it as a job, but they wont stick around… There are others, who think it would be a great career, but then find mid way through the costs are too high. Even if they make it into a 2nd officers seat, unless aviation is in their blood, they wont stick around.
    Its what sets aviation apart from so many other endeavors… In many ways, this love of flight ripples throughout aviation, even outside of the pilots chair, ranging from flight attendents, to GA mechanics, and even the lineboys. Not all of course, but for anyone with more than a few years in, it seems almost a guarantee that the aviation bug will bite.

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