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Serengeti Medium Aviator 6826


Serengeti Medium Aviator 6826 Sunglasses

Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses are the ideal sunglasses because there is no such thing as an average day for your eyes. Light changes continually from sun-up to sundown. The Drivers Gradient lenses block glare from above to provide a clear view of the instrument panel below. The preferred choice of pilots, these Serengeti Medium Aviator 6826 Sunglasses allow pilots to see detail at a great distance and the instrument panel right in front of them. No matter what the weather may be, your eyes are constantly exposed to lighting conditions that strain and fatigue them, and Serengeti sunglasses are the solution. Your eyes will remain cool and comfortable regardless of how much time you spend in harsh, bright sunlight. The Serengeti medium aviator 6826 sunglasses offer the ultimate in protection. Serengeti Medium Aviator Shades with Non-Polarized Lenses offer the most advanced technology in the history of sunglasses. Serengeti has imbued superior technology into the lenses and frames on these Serengeti medium aviator 6826 sunglasses to provide exceptional protection and durability.

What Makes Serengeti Medium Aviators So Special?

  • The photochromic technology adjusts the lens tint as lighting conditions change providing maximum comfort and eliminating eye strain and fatigue;
  • The precision ground lenses are a full 20% thinner and lighter and are the most optically superior lenses on the market;
  • The precision optical quality lenses will protect your eyes from 100% of harmful UVA & UVB radiation;
  • The drivers gradient lens technology will also protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light;
  • The wire frames, spring hinges and adjustable nose pads will keep your sunglasses in place no matter what the conditions.

Why Buy Serengeti Medium Aviator Sunglasses?

  • Patented Spectral Control Lens System;
  • Photochromic Technology;
  • Precision Optics;
  • Blue Light Filters.

Serengeti Medium Aviator Specifications

  • Medium Universal Fit;
  • Lens Size: 59 x 52 x67mm;
  • Distance Between Lenses is 13mm;
  • Monel frame with adjustable nose pads and spring hinges;
  • Henna frame finish;
  • Drivers Gradient Lenses
Serengeti Medium Aviator 6826

Serengeti Medium Aviator 6826