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Scheyden Swiss Gold Steam Guage Aviator Watch
Scheyden Stealth Black Aviator Watch
Scheyden Swiss Gold Aviator Watch
Scheyden Brushed Stainless Steel Aviator Watch
Aviator Watch
Aviator Watch


Aviator Watch


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Scheyden Steam Gauge True Aviator Watch

This exceptionally crafted 47mm 7 pound stainless steel case bezel and bracelet aviator watch features 3 stand alone instruments:
  1. Liquid filled magnetic compass;
  2. Swiss ISA movement watch;
  3. Digital IFR timer.


Choose between the Brushed Stainless Steel, Stealth Black or Swiss Gold finish as a great fashion accessory to your uniform or dress clothes. Always know what direction you are moving in with the builtin magnetic compass right there on your wrist where it can be easily seen. As you start your approach start the IFR timer and never wonder where you are in the final approach. It's stainless steel bezel and case are sure to last a lifetime while adding a real touch of class to your wardrobe.


  • Liquid filled magnetic compass;
  • Swiss ISA movement;
  • Aide Memoire Bi-Directional ATIS Bezel;
  • Sapphire crystal lens;
  • White super luminova for green glow during nighttime;
  • Digital Day, Date & Time (UTC/Zulu);
  • Global Airport Identifiers;
  • Global Time Zones;
  • Digital IFR timer;
  • Wing Root bracelet design.

Imagine This Aviator Watch On Your Wrist!

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Scheyden Swiss Gold Steam Guage Aviator Watch

Aviator Watch