Becoming A Certified Flight Instructor

One of the more rewarding careers in aviation is teaching individuals how to fly an airplane, and in order to do that you have to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). In order to become a CFI you must first meet the requirements to attain the Commercial Pilot Certificate.

For most pilots who dream of pursuing a career in aviation acquiring their CFI certificate is one step along the way, and one of the requirements for the Certified Flight Instructor Certificate is that you must pass the FAA written knowledge test. The best way to pass that written examination is through the use of a comprehensive training manual, and the Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Flight Instructor Manual is the best study guide available today.

This beautiful hard cover textbook has everything you need to successfully pass the FAA CFI written knowledge examination, will be a welcome addition to your aviation library and is just $ 74.95 plus S&H:

Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Flight Instructor Textbook

The Flight Instructor Manual uses over 1,000 full-color photos and illustrations to help you turn your passion for flying into your profession. The manual presents complete and concise explanations of training techniques that every pilot seeking a basic flight instructor certificate and/or an instrument or multi-engine instructor rating needs to know.

Subjects are often expanded upon through the use of Discovery Insets, which are strategically placed throughout the chapters. POV Insets provide examples, from a flight instructor’s point of view, of how learning and teaching concepts can be applied in real-world training situations. Periodically, human factors principles are presented in Human Element Insets to help you teach your students about how their minds and bodies function in flight.

Throughout the manual, concepts that directly relate to FAA test questions are described in FAA Question Insets. To help you review material more effectively, key terms are highlighted throughout the text and listed at the end of each chapter along with a checklist, which summarizes important concepts. Additionally, you can evaluate your understanding of material introduced in a particular section by completing the associated questions at the end of each chapter.

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This manual has over 548 pages filled with beautiful illustrations, hardcover binding and weighs just over 6 pounds. It is a well organized road map which will provide all of the information necessary to successfully pass the FAA Flight Instructor Pilot written examinations, as well as a great addition to any pilot’s aviation library.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I – The Journey Begins
          Foundations of Learning
          The Art and Science of Teaching
          Exploring Human Factors

  • Part II – From Passion to Profession
          Becoming an Instructor
          The Basic Instructor
          The Advanced Instructor

  • Appendices
          Question Answers
          Instructor Endorsements

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Becoming A Certified Flight Instructor

If you are preparing for your CFI pilot certificate then this is the textbook you will want to use. Hardbound and printed on high quality paper with beautiful full color illustrations, this book will become a reference manual you will use throughout your career as a flight instructor. Only $ 74.95 + S&H