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Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering Sunglasses are standard issue to U.S. military pilots and they have been standard issue since 1982.

A really good quality pair of pilot sunglasses are an essential component of any pilots flight gear.

Randolph Engineering sunglasses frames come with a lifetime solder joint warranty. The last thing any pilot needs is for the frame to come apart while in flight.

The aviator sunglasses made by Randolph come with distortion free perfectly ground glass lenses.

For the best in sunglasses Randolph Aviators with non-polarized lenses will perform beyond your expectations.

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  • These Randolph Aviator Sunglasses for pilots have beautiful frames and precision ground distortion free lenses for maximum comfort and protection. You will be amazed at the feel and performance of these pilot sunglasses! No wonder they are standard issue to U.S. fighter pilots!

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  • Entering service in 1963, the A-6 Intruder was the US Navy and US Marine Corps’ primary all-weather attack aircraft during the Vietnam War. Flying from American aircraft carriers off the coast, Intruders struck targets across North and South Vietnam for the duration of the conflict.

    Created by Randolph Engineering to honor this incredible aircraft, each pair of these Made in America Intruder sunglasses will keep your eyes safe while you look as cool as Danny Glover in the movie “Flight of the Intruder”.

    Be sure to use the coupon code randolph on checkout for special pricing!


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As pilots we know the importance of protecting our most important sensory asset, our eyes.

That knowledge has been used to create this website where only the very best aviator sunglasses are sold.

This is why we offer a 100% 365 Day Money Back Guarantee on every pair of aviator sunglasses we sell.