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BluLink Bluetooth Headset Adapter For Helicopters By PilotUSA

$ 285.00

This is the PilotUSA BluLink bluetooth adapter for single plugged helicopter headsets which will enable you to use your cell phone and listen to music on your mp3 player without missing a call from ATC.


Allows You To Use Your Cell Phone While Flying

OK, you have your iPhone or other cell phone and you would like to use it while flying. You need a hands free way to use your cellphone without interfering with your ability to hear Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications.

A bluetooth headset adapter would fill the bill, and we are pleased to announce that there is a solution! It is the excellent PilotUSA BluLink bluetooth aviation headset adapter for general aviation headsets.

Here’s How It Works:

Simply purchase the Pilot USA Blulink bluetooth headset adapter and connect your cell phone. Here’s how it works:

PilotUSA BlulinkEasily connect any bluetooth device to your aviation headset!

blulink aviation headset adapterSimple to use and easy to operate!

blulink helicopter headset adapterBluLink will automatically mute music or cell phone calls when you are receiving ATC communications!

bluetooth headset adapterEasily connect any bluetooth device to your own aviation headsets!

PilotUSA Blulink Aviation Headset Adapter

PilotUSA Blulink Aviation Headset Adapter with an iPhone, an iPod and a Bluetooth dongle (extras not included!)

What Makes The BluLink Bluetooth Headset Adapter So Special?

blulink helicopter headset adapter The battery is good for 15 to 29 hours;

blulink bluetooth aviation headset adapter The unit uses 2 AA alkaline batteries;

Pilot USA bluetooth aviation headset adapter The unit has over 100 hours of standby time;

PilotUSA Blulink bluetooth helicopter headset adapter It weighs only 4.2 ounces including the batteries;

Without a doubt your PilotUSA BluLink bluetooth aviation headset adapter will absolutely delight you or return it to us for a full refund… period!.

Choose The Correct Model For Your Headset

  • Blulink for General Aviation only $ 260.00;
  • Blulink for Helicopters only $ 285.00;
  • Blulink for the Bose Panel Mount only $ 310.00;
  • Blulink for Military headsets only $ 360.00.

Minimize Cockpit Clutter!

Most pilots are excited about the prospect of minimizing wires in the cockpit. The Blulink bluetooth aviation headset adapter effectively reduces wire tangle and confusion even if an external device is not linked because the system allows the pilot to operate the headset without attaching the plugs directly to the panel or intercom.

See How Easy It Is To Use!

If a device is linked, the pilot gains the added benefit of operating a cell phone or listening to music through the headset. The BluLink controller is sleek and slender, fitting easily in the palm of a hand and has adequately sized buttons to allow for precise manipulation. Possibly the greatest feature of this system is the high quality of sound that is transferred to the aviation headset. Listening to music through the device is superior to many car audio systems.

The BluLink bluetooth aviation headset adapter will work with any headset, intercom or audio panel, and any Bluetooth capable portable device. Pilot USA makes a version that accommodates general aviation, helicopter, and Bose panel mount plugs. The system is powered by 2 AA batteries and is reported to get up to 25 hours of operation per set of batteries.

Technical Specifications

Plug Type TP-120 (U-174/U)
Dimensions 5.5″ x 1″ x 1.5″
Product Weight 4.2 ounces (119 grams) (Including Batteries)
Shipping Weight 1.50
Warranty 1 Year

Please allow 5 business days for processing and shipping.

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Additional information

Weight 1.50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in
Delivery and Returns Content description.

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