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Bolle Kickback 10209

$ 149.99

Bolle Kickback 10209 sunglasses are built for extreme sports and extreme conditions. The cool sleek look will reflect your personal style as an athelete and adventurer.
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Bolle Kickback 10209 Sport Sunglasses

Bolle Kickback 10209 Sunglasses were born for those sports where extreme conditions and extreme demands are the norm. These Bolle Kickback 10209 polarized sunglasses are not only built to perform, but to reflect the personal styles of the athletes who wear them. Bolle Kick Back 10209 Sunglasses have been designed to perform to the highest standards of any sport.

Part of the Bolle Performance line, Bolle Kick Back 10209 Shades are designed to give you the best pair of performance sunglasses for active athletes and outdoor adventurers at an affordable price. Bolle Kickback 10209 Performance Sunglasses are the way to go if you enjoy an active lifestyle.


  • The ultra-lightweight polycarbonate lenses not only keep your eyes protected from harmful uv radiation but provide excellent visual acuity to see everything crystal clear;
  • The back of the lenses have an anti-glare coating to reduce backside glare;
  • The wraparound lenses and technologically superior frames fit to the countour of your face protecting it from the elements.


  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating;
  • Meet ANSI Standards;
  • Carbo Glass Coating;
  • Ultra-lightweight Polycarbonate (PC) Polarized Lenses;
  • Virtually 100% UVA/UVB Protection, up to 400 nanometers.
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