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Bolle Vigilante Competivision Sunglasses

$ 129.99

If you play tennis or any other sport involving balls, then these Bolle Vigilante Competivision sunglasses are what you need and want! Designed to highlight the white and yellow colors while muting others giving you an exceptional ability to see the ball!


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The teal green lenses are designed specifically for tennis and other sports involving small balls like baseball and softball.

Bolle Competivision Sunglasses increase the visibility of the tennis ball while protecting your eyes with 100% UV protection. Bolle Competivision sunglasses will highlight the optic yellow while muting all other colors.

These Bolle Competivision sunglasses lenses act like filters, carefully muting all colors in the spectrum except optic yellow and white. The result is amazing: a tennis ball that literally pops out of the background!

That’s why Bolle Competivision Sunglasses are the official eyewear of the US Professional Tennis Association.


  • You can see balls better than with ordinary sunglasses;
  • The ultralight polycarbonate lenses are virtually shatterproof protecting your eyes against injury;
  • The Bolle Carbo-Glass coating is applied to both sides of the lens keeping your lenses safe from scratches;
  • These Bolle Vigilante Competivision sunglasses will fit you with an awesome fit and comfort.


  • Teal green lenses for exceptional optical performance;
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection exceeds industry standards;
  • Ultra-lightweight premium grade plastic resin lens also provide excellent impact resistance.

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Weight .34 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 4 in
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