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MyGoFlight Sport Adapter – Generation 3 MGF-MNT-1028

$ 69.99

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MyGoFlight Sport Adapter MGF-MNT-1028

Introducing the MGF Sport Adapter – Generation 3!

The third generation Sport Adapter is made completely of metal allowing it to more securely attach your iPad or other devices.

There are now two buttons on the Sport Adapter. Squeeze them together to release your iPad or other device.

If you already have a MGF Sport Mount and would like to upgrade it to the Sport Adapter – Generation 3 purchase this part and replace your current Sport Adapter with the new one.

The Sport Adapter – Generation 3 is backwards compatible and will work with all Generation 2 Sport Cases, Universal Cradles, and all other Device Holders.

Any mount purchased after January 1, 2016 already has the Sport Adapter – Generation 3.

Any mount purchased before that date has the Sport Adapter – Generation 2.

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