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NASA Apollo Saturn 1B Model Scale:1/72 37.3″ Tall

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NASA Apollo Saturn 1B Model Scale:1/72 37.3″ Tall

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NASA Apollo Saturn 1B Model Scale:1/72 37.3″ Tall The Saturn IB was commissioned by NASA as a launch vehicle for the Apollo program, replacing the S-IV second stage of the Saturn I with more powerful S-IVB. Used for early flight tests (before the larger Saturn V needed for the lunar flight was ready), the Saturn 1B was able to launch a partially fueled Apollo Command/ Service Module (CSM) or a fully fueled Lunar Module (LM) into low Earth orbit. It launched 2 unmanned CSM suborbital flights, 1 unmanned LM orbital flight, and the first manned CSM orbital mission. In 1973, the year after the Apollo lunar program ended, three Apollo CSM/Saturn IBs ferried crews to the Skylab space station. In 1975, one last Apollo/Saturn IB launched the Apollo portion of the joint US-USSR Apollo Soyuz Test Project. A backup Apollo CSM/Saturn IB was assembled and made ready for a Skylab rescue mission but never flown. Avid collectors of handcrafted replica should not miss this desktop scale model. With the expert craftsmanship of this desktop replica, you’ll surely be proud to bring it home and display on your desk.

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