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New Gleim Seaplane Pilot Refresheer Course [GLEIM SRC]

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New Gleim Seaplane Pilot Refresheer Course [GLEIM SRC]

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New Gleim Seaplane Pilot Refresheer Course [GLEIM SRC] The Gleim Seaplane Refresher Course (SRC) is an online ground training course designed to assist seaplane rated pilots who are preparing for a flight review or who want to remain current. From seaplane aerodynamics, to docking and beaching, and even emergency operation procedures, SRC gives you practical knowledge to stay a safe, proficient, seaplane rated pilot. Detailed knowledge transfer outlines and multiple-choice test questions ensure proper knowledge retention and promote active learning. Gain confidence for your next flight review and keep current on new seaplane flying procedures and regulations by using the Gleim Seaplane Refresher Course. Benefits: Understand all aspects of the flight review process including aeronautical decision making and regulations; Valuable for pilots flying float-equipped planes or flying boats. Make sure that your computer meets our minimum system requirements. This program WILL work on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 6 & 7, Blackberry, etc.* *Internet connection required

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