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NewStax Aircraft Exhaust Polishing System

$ 129.95

The all new NewStax aircraft exhaust polishing system is designed to make keeping your exhaust stacks clean and shiny looking brand new.

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NewStax Aircraft Exhaust Polishing System

NewStaX is Aviation’s first & only in Field Exhaust Stacks Cleaning/Polishing System!

How To Clean Your Stacks:

Step 1 -CLEAN-Remove Heat Staining and Dark Spots!!!

Step 2-POLISH-Restore Stacks to Factory Mirror finish!!!

No need to remove stacks, New Stax can be used while the stacks are still ON the aircraft!

You are able to achieve a professional grade finish without the high cost of sending your stacks to the manufacturer!


STEP 1- PREP Always wear chemical gloves, eye protection and protective clothing before use. Apply Metal Prep to blue sponge. Wet surface of exhaust stack. Apply sparingly, in small sections to avoid contact with other aircraft surfaces. Turn sponge over and use scouring side to lightly scrub metal by hand. Watch as heat staining and dark spots begin to fade. Repeat this process until stains are no longer visible;

Step 2- POLISH Apply liberal amount of polish to cushioned microfiber applicator. Using circular motion, apply to the surface of the exhaust stack. Small sections are recommended to avoid contact with other parts of the aircraft. Then, polish by hand using terry cloth or use orbital machine with terry cloth bonnet or foam pad. Wipe down newly polished surface with microfiber cloth. Repeat process until desired finish is achieved.

Your aircraft exhaust stacks will look brand new!

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