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Serengeti Medium Aviator 7190

$ 175.95

Serengeti Medium Aviator 7190 sunglasses are polarized to protect your eyes against glare while providing clear vision of your surroundings. The green 555nm lenses are ideal for bright lighting conditions while managing the yellow and green light to relax your eyes while the mirror coating shields your eyes from glare.

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Serengeti Medium Aviator 7190 Sunglasses Serengeti Medium Aviator 7190 Sunglasses are the ideal sunglasses because there is no such thing as an average lighting conditions for your eyes. Light changes continually during the day causing your eyes to change their focus repeatedly. No matter what the weather may be, your eyes are constantly exposed to lighting conditions that strain and fatigue them, and these Serengeti Medium Aviator 7190 sunglasses are the solution. These Serengeti Classic sunglasses offer the ultimate protection with their polarized 555nm green lenses. Serengeti Medium Aviator Shades with Polarized Lenses offer the most advanced technology in the history of sunglasses. Serengeti has imbued this superior technology into the lenses and frames on these medium aviator sunglasses to provide exceptional protection and durability. Serengeti Drivers Medium Aviator 7190 Sunglass Frames and Polarized Lenses are preferred by everyone who spends a lot of time outdoors because they block harsh glare from the sun, while providing exceptional visual acuity. Best of all they’re great for everyday cool! Benefits The photochromic lenses adjust to changing light conditions keeping your eyes comfortable and vision clear; The 555nm green lenses are ideal for protecting your eyes in bright lighting conditions; The spectral lens control system blocks harmful uv and blue light from reaching your eyes; The adjustable nose pads and spring frame hinges keep your sunglasses in place no matter what you are doing. Features 555nm polarized photochromic lenses; Shiny Gunmetal Frame; Precision Ground Optic Quality Lenses.

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