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Stick-on Bifocal Reading Lenses

$ 20.00

Hydrotac Stick-on Bifocal Reading Lenses are a great addition to any pair of sunglasses adding magnification with superior quality. These are a great for anyone who is farsighted but needs reading glasses to see things closer up.

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Hydrotac Stick-on Bifocal Reading Lenses

These Hydrotac stick-on bifocal reading lenses turn any standard pair of sunglasses into bifocals without paying a fortune to an optometrist. They are great for anyone who require magnification for eyewear that is not prescription.


  • You can turn any pair of sunglasses into bifocals without a prescription;
  • You will enjoy their superior clarity;
  • Easy to install and adjust.


  • These stick-on bifocal reading lenses can be trimmed to customize shape;
  • They fit any eyewear;
  • Made in America;
  • Polymer aspheric lens material;
  • Removable and reuseable.

How To Install

How To Install Hydrotac Lenses

How To Install Video

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