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American Optical AO Original Pilot Silver Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Lenses
American Optical AO Original Pilot Silver Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Lenses

AO American Optical

American Optical AO Original Pilot Silver Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Lenses


AO® Original Pilot Sunglasses Silver Frame with Bayonet Temple and Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Glass Lenses


  • 52mm (Small);
  • 55mm (Regular);
  • 57mm (Large)

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Protect your most important sensory asset - your eyes! Whether you are a pilot like me, a sailor or simply spend a lot of time driving or outdoors, you MUST protect your eyes at all times! The best way to do that is with Genuine, Brand New, AO® Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses from my store!

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AO Original Pilot sunglasses have been standard issue for the U.S. Air Force and are chosen by military and civilian pilots alike around the world. For pilots non-polarized sunglasses are important to provide adequate recognition of other aircraft quickly and easily without distortion.

Many of today's modern cockpits come with liquid crystal displays which can be distorted by polarized sunglasses, a problem not present with non-polarized sunglasses.

Why American Optical Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses?

For over 100 years the tear drop aviator shape has been a popular classic because it is the most functional of all eye shapes. AO has now adopted an eight-base curve and top optical technology to create the ultimate combination of style and function.

The U.S. Armed Forces' best kept secret is now available to consumers. Performance tested sunglasses with classic aviator styling, these Original Pilot sunglasses by AO Eyewear have been the favorite of U.S. Military pilots for over 40 years.

These sunglasses are engineered to exacting military standards and have been issued to millions of servicemen allover the world since 1958. Rugged and sturdy, these sunglasses come with a steel alloy frame with a high quality finish. The lenses are distortion free, toughened and are made out of polished glass.

AO Eyewear® Original Pilot Sunglass details:

  • Rugged Steel Alloy Frame
  • Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Glass Lenses
  • Silver Frame Finish
  • Bayonet Temples
  • Genuine brand-new AO Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses come in genuine AO factory box
  • AO Eyewear warranty card included

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  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Factory New with One Year Factory Warranty
  • Manufactured to U.S. military specifications
  • Issued to U.S. military pilots of all branches since 1958
  • Frame is constructed with self locking micro screws
  • Each pair has self adjusting nose pads
  • 100% UVA, UVB & UVC protection


  • They protect a pilot's most important sensory asset - eyes
  • They protect ocular tissue from harmful solar radiation
  • They reduce the effects of harsh sunlight
  • They protect eyes from impact with flying objects
  • They aid in the dark adaptation process which is delayed by exposure to sunlight
  • The True Color Glass lenses come with 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • They make you look cool!

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As a pilot I am grateful for my AO Original Pilot sunglasses each time I climb through the overcast and burst into the bright sunlight above, or in the late afternoon flying West into the sun when the sun is low to the horizon and I can't find anywhere to look safely. So, when NASA Astronauts lifted off for the moon on Apollo 11, AO Original Pilot Sunglasses were right there with them. When Top Gun pilots climb into the cockpit, they are wearing AO Original Pilot sunglasses. Whether you are a pilot, or drive your car a lot, one very important thing you really need are a a pair of great sunglasses!

AO® Original Pilot Aviator Sunglasses

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American Optical AO Original Pilot Silver Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Lenses

American Optical AO Original Pilot Silver Cosmetan Brown Non-Polarized Lenses