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ASA Aerodynamics for Aviators Bundle Softcover Book + eBook [ASA-AERODYN-2-2D]


ASA Aerodynamics for Aviators Bundle Book + eBook [ASA-AERODYN-2-2D] ISBN: 978-1-61954-337-9

Aerodynamics for Aviators is a collegiate-level aerodynamics textbook that covers all of the necessary information relevant to pilots, from the private license through to the commercial.

Aerodynamics is a subject critical to pilots’ understanding of the safe maneuvering and operation of aircraft.

This textbook takes the student through a basic physical principles review and vector analysis before covering the four forces in flight.

Sections are dedicated to subsonic aerodynamics as well as high-speed (transonic) aerodynamics.

Lift, weight, thrust, and drag are examined in a logical and detailed manner. In addition, this comprehensive and detailed resource covers the atmosphere, stability, power and performance, limitations and maneuvering flight, and stalls and spins.

Subjects are explored both conceptually as well as mathematically for maximum understanding.

Each chapter contains key terms, symbols and abbreviations, review questions, and full-color illustrations.

The appendices provide additional useful resources, including a math and physics review, glossary, and aerodynamic equations.


Authors Mark J. Dusenbury, Gary M. Ullrich, and Shelby Balogh
ISBN 978-1-61954-337-9
Dimensions Hardcover, 8.25" x 10.75"
Page Count 240 pages
Illustrations Color throughout
Weight 2.05 lbs
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ASA Aerodynamics for Aviators Bundle Softcover Book + eBook [ASA-AERODYN-2-2D]

ASA Aerodynamics for Aviators Bundle Softcover Book + eBook [ASA-AERODYN-2-2D]