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atc3500b Pilot-Aviator Chronograph with E6B Bezel
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ATC3500B Pilot Aviator Chronograph Dual Time E6B Watch


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ATC3500B Pilot Aviator Chronograph

This ATC3500B Pilot Aviator Chronograph watch has an Electronic Quartz movement with a stainless steel case, matching blue ion stainless steel wrist band, a scratch resistant mineral crystal and a beautiful blue face dial. Designed for civilian and military pilots, this pilot aviator chronograph includes an E6B bezel for quick computations like timed approaches, ground speed and estimated time of arrival.


  • Easily time approaches;
  • Quickly calculate ground speed;
  • Calculate fuel burn;
  • Calculate time and distance;
  • Calculate estimated time of arrival.

Features include:

  • Blue Ion Stainless Steel Case;
  • Blue Ion Stainless Steel Butterfly locking hidden clasp;
  • Blue Face Dial;
  • A Date Window;
  • Chronograph;
  • E6B Calculator Bezel;
  • Additional Time Zone functions.

Precision Performance:

Made in China this beautiful watch has a Japanese Movement for precise and accurate times and comes in an attractive box making it a wonderful gift for the aviator in your life. It is manufactured and designed to withstand depths to 100m but is not a water proof “Diver” model. This rating is suitable for swimming, yachting and bathing. The chronograph is able to measure and display time in 1/10th second increments up to a maximum of 1 hour. When moving to a different time zone you may either set the Home or the 2nd Time Zone hands to match that new area, however, most pilots keep the 2nd hour hand to GMT and change only the Home hour hand as they move to new time zones.
atc3500b Pilot-Aviator Chronograph with E6B Bezel

ATC3500B Pilot Aviator Chronograph Dual Time E6B Watch