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NEW! Wingman Bug Remover Spray


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WingMan Bug Remover 32oz Spray

NEW! Wingman Bug Remover Spray


  • Fast-acting cleaner
  • Dissolves & lifts insect matter
  • Spray on and wipe-off
  • Protects aircraft finish from the damaging acidic residue left by insects
  • For best results use after each flight to wipe down leading edges and other exterior surfaces of your aircraft.
  • Works great on deice boots for removing bug matter

Follow up with Post Flight Detailing Spray to leave a smooth glossy finish making removal of insects even easier in the future!

Important Note:

***Not recommended for aircraft windows***

Additional Uses:

Great for automobiles as well. This product can be used on "car and truck" windows.

NEW! Wingman Bug Remover Spray

NEW! Wingman Bug Remover Spray