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Proficient Pilot 3-Book Kit


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Proficient Pilot 3-Book Kit

Includes Proficient Pilot 1, Proficient Pilot 2 and Proficient Pilot 3

Proficient Pilot Volume 1:

Barry Schiff provides a wealth of valuable information based on his years of experience. Foreword by: Ernest Gann. Soft cover, 330 pages, illustrated, indexed.

- "The best book about flying airplanes I have ever read." — Ernest K. Gann

- Developing and maintaining proficiency at the controls is a key concern for pilots at all levels. In The Proficient Pilot, award-winning author and veteran airline captain and flight instructor Barry Schiff provides a wealth of valuable information based on his years of experience, concentrating on procedures and techniques not covered in other aviation books.

- In his foreword to the book, Ernest K. Gann writes, "I recommend you heed Schiff's messages because they are written by a true aviator... Schiff is a true pro, and he covers the whole lofty field of airmanship with the skill and the dignity it deserves."

Illustrated throughout with helpful charts and line drawings, The Proficient Pilot should be required reading for all who fly.

Proficient Pilot Volume 2:

In his new foreword to The Proficient Pilot, Volume 2, Space Shuttle Crewmember Jay Apt summarizes Barry Schiff's contribution to aviation in this book with these words:

"He writes with a practical eye for details that matter. Throughout the book, he makes aviation theory understandable and always translates it into sensible advice that a pilot can readily use...I'll read this one every year as part of my personal attempt to remain proficient...this book will not only increase your proficiency, it will greatly increase your love of flying."

Schiff disposes of popular misconceptions about cruise control, flying in turbulence, coping with wind shear, and obtaining meaningful performance data.

Soft Cover, illustrated, indexed and has 328 pages.

Proficient Pilot Volume 3:

Barry Schiff's lessons are based solidly on principles and mechanics, filtered through his 25,000 hours of wide-ranging, hands-on flying experience. Diverse topics such as "Deep Stalls," the "Black-Hole Approach," the myth of "The Downwind Turn," expectations vs. reality, CRM, and a short course that effectively describes the principles involved in flying jet airplanes. Also, there are flying tips for "fun and profit" and some personal, memorable moments from Schiff's own world of flying. Foreword by: Bob Hoover.

Soft cover, 360 pages, illustrated, indexed.

Proficient Pilot 3-Book Kit

Proficient Pilot 3-Book Kit