Randolph Engineering 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple AGX Lens Aviator Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple AGX Lens Aviator Sunglasses

Customer testimonials are a wonderful way to determine whether or not we are keeping our pledge to deliver great customer service. We encourage you to read our testimonials and judge for yourself whether or not we are meeting our goal.

“ I have used Randolph Aviator sunglasses for years and to say they are great would not be enough. I have been asked why I don’t get another style. Well it goes back to my days in the United States Air Force and flying as a flight mechanic on the C-5a…. I continue to live my aviator dream wearing my Randolph Aviators.”
— Dennis McGowan, USA

“The other day I collected a neatly packaged cardboard carton from the post office and took it home, expecting it to be some mundane article I had ordered. Then to my surprise and initial bewilderment were these smart blue-gray packages that looked vaguely medical. Initially, I thought someone had sent the contents to the wrong address or that my evil twin had ordered something while I slept. Then it registered that I was staring at Randolph Engineering’s state of the art best. In short, I was knocked out. Birthday and Christmas hamper all in one.

Thank you so much John and Betty. So brand loyalty does have its rewards. But please advise me. I feel that at the very least I should have coughed up for the shipping. And the polarized lenses make great sense in a country where there’s no shortage of glare. This is a happy marriage indeed: a product I love and a retailer that is prepared to be so accommodating of its clients. Long may you prosper. If I might be of any assistance, in my modest way, of advancing your cause (other than word of mouth, of course) I’m there.”
— Peter, Australia

“Just to let you know my Aviators came in the mail today and they are PERFECT! Beautiful, well-built glasses are not easy to find. Just the weight of the glasses when you hold them in your hand evidences quality. I was concerned that the glasses would not fit my head, but your sizing chart really helped and your return policy sealed the deal. Plus, the comments on your webpage regarding your company’s top notch customer service made me feel as though it was a safe risk. I am a very happy customer and appreciate the quality product (something worth taking care of!). I plan on having my glasses a long time.”
— Carter Hick, Olympia, WA

“I am writing this letter to compliment you on your customer service. It is the best I have ever seen… I made sure that I told everyone at the club, not only what a great product you have, but also what exceptional customer service you provide.”
— Bill Stephan, De Pere, Wisconsin

“I recently purchased a pair of your aviator glasses, and discovered the frames were too large. I subsequently shipped them back the next day, and within a few days you had returned a pair in the proper size-no questions asked. This timely response is refreshing in this age of sub-par customer service. Furthermore, the glasses themselves are of the highest quality (particularly the hinges and ground- glass lenses which are distortion free). The tool kit is also a nice touch. I will be a repeat customer. Best wishes for the success of your operation.”
— Stephen Etzwiler, Las Vegas, NV

“It is very rewarding to know there are companies here that stand behind their products 100% and go the direction of increasing the value with upgraded packaging (the attractive and rugged cases) and added accessories (the eyeglass repair kit and lens cloths) instead of trying to do it less expensively at the cost of quality and service.”
— Karl J. Kisser, Anchorage, AK

“Thank you so much for your help with my Aviators. Before I got my Aviators, I would buy sunglasses at Wal-Mart. They would usually last a month or two if I was lucky before they would break. In one yr. I would probably spend around 200.00 on cheap sunglasses. I was really hesitant to spend 100 dollars on sunglass because I thought they would break like the cheapies I used to buy. I finally caved and bought my Aviators and I’ve had them for over seven years. They are the sturdiest most durable sunglasses I’ve ever had. 100.00 dollars is nothing for a pair of sunglasses that will last a lifetime. I get compliments on them all the time. I would recommend this product to anybody. The customer service is outstanding. It’s evident you care about getting a quality product into your customer hands. Thank you so much for making an outstanding quality product.”
— Andy Engler

“Thank you so much for your quick and painless process for returns. Fast and thoughtful customer service is too much for most companies to handle these days. You have been a wonderful exception to come across!”
— Rob O’Keefe, Hammond, WI

“Got your glasses today. Greatly impressed by the quality, which is already obvious from looking at the frame and lenses. Made in the USA, alas one of the few products still remaining. Your CMT lens is indeed a revelation. It should improve my numbers at the trap club! The frame fits nicely, so no need to exchange… My compliments to Randolph Engineering for turning out an impressive product!”
— Guus Schippers

“Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with my two new pair of RE Aviator Sunglasses. I feel fortunate that I was tuned into Channel 5’s Chronicle and learned about your product. I’ll be sure to tell my friends about you.”
— Bob McKeon, North Attleboro, MA

“Thanks for the outstanding service and warrantee support. This is what makes Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses the best value in the industry! I wouldn’t fly without them!”
— Vincent Curl